Photo(electro)chemistry for Solar Energy Conversion

Photo(electro)chemical conversion of solar enery to chemical energy stored in clean fuels is one of the promissing strategies contributing to the global decarbonization and the development of clean energy. We are developing nanostructured materials for solar driven water splitting, CO2 reduction and Nfixation, and organic compound conversion. We are especially interested in the design and fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures for photocatalysis and photoelectrochemical cells. We try to understand the charge dynamics, optimize the optical properties, and improve the interfacial catalytic activity for better performance. The plasmonic nanostructured materials include transition metals and noble metals, as well as semiconductors, which will be employed for the generation of clean fuels and environments remedy.

Corrosion and Protection of Electronics

The corrosion of electronic devices is an important engineering problem, causing huge economic losses. We are developing high-performance silicon-based full solar spectrum photoelectrodes for the protection of electronics against corrosion.

Point-of-Care Biosensors

Point-of-Care tests especially lateral flow assays (LFAs) are powfully solutions to deseases diagnositics, environmental protection and food safety. We are developing plamonic metals and semiconductors enhanced fluorescence probes for highly sensitive and selectective LFAs for practical applications.